Sense justifies the decision.

Device: Light
Estimated Savings:

Outside garage lights are six 60 watt candelabra bulbs. When I first got Sense they weren’t detected but I saw that when the lights came on it was about 350 watts. I was leaving them on dusk- dawn but cut back on that schedule after seeing the usage (Thank you Sense!). At the time, replacing them with LED bulbs, based on cost, didn’t make financial sense- as the bulbs blew out I would replace them. A couple months later Sense identified the outside garage lights, I put the Sense app on my wife’s phone and she saw the 348 watt bubble and made a comment on how much energy the outside garage lights used (Thank you again Sense!). Sense estimates $81 per year to run those lights. Since I had a recent reminder about usage from my wife, was in Home Depot and they had the LED lights on a sponsored NH Saves deal. Two 3-Packs cost me $15 ($7.50 each). Each LED light is estimated to use .67 cents per year. Bye-Bye incandescent outside garage lights….