Real implementation of AI/ML

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Most technology firms seem to be using Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Machine Learning [ML] all day long and the future in computing. Sense on the other hand, instead of stating it as the future has made it the PRESENT.

Sense is great al learning about devices by itself in an extremely noisy environment ( read about how Sense device detection works). In my case, it was able to correctly identify the following devices which was astonishing
1. Condensate Pump
2. Microwave light bulb
3. Refrigerator Light Bulb

My story points to these devices, as most of these devices turn ON for fairly less than a minute. So it’s not just about being able to detect the big appliances like an Air Conditioner or Furnace Fan or washing machine or heater.

In my case, I was ready to replace my Condensate Pump thinking it’s faulty and the reason for water around my FURNACE and in my garage. I put in a bucket to catch water, but Sense ENABLED me to see how many times a day it was running. I could then look-up videos on YouTube to clean my pipes ( and actually redesign the outlet from the HVAC to the condensate pump.

There was still a lingering question – I need data to know if the condensate pump still works, and how much have things changed, because of a change in cleaning and updating the pipes.

I could see that my condensate pump worked about 12 times as opposed to 3 times a day, and the run time increased from 12-14 seconds to 19-29 seconds. I knew at that point that I can use data to rely and know if something is going bad.

I also had a Furnace Fan going bad, and suddenly drawing 2x the amount of energy to run. Sense was able to detect it as a “new” furnce fan. Had some HVAC issues, and the HVAC technician spend about 5 hours to finally deduce that the FAN was going bad, causing the issue with cooling.

Now Sense Enabled me to look into historical data, and current data to confirm if the HVAC technician was right or was just looking to make more money from the current gig.

SENSE EMPOWERS AND ENABLES for now. It will soon be able to predict about failing devices much better