Sense Saves My Back!

Device: Power Strip
Estimated Savings:

This is not your typical Sense Saves story… This is not about how I saved money, but rather how Sense saved my back (literally)!

Before Sense, I plugged everything that didn’t need to be powered behind my living room television setup into a power strip so that I could avoid the vampire draw… The power strip is in the back of my AV cabinet, and I have to do a little bit of physical acrobatics to get behind to turn it off (yes, I probably should have used a smart plug, but didn’t)…

Well, I discovered through Sense that my actual savings by performing this feat of acrobatics was very minimal (i.e., it didn’t register any meaningful energy savings when I turned the power strip off).

So as a result, Sense saved my back (and avoided the inconvenience of reaching back behind my AV setup to flip the power strip off)!

I consider this a big win…even though it doesn’t amount to savings in dollars and cents!

I Don’t Need That Extra Monitor All Day Long!

Device: Computer
Estimated Savings:

I’ve been a self-proclaimed energy miser for most of my life.

But I apparently am not as frugal as I could be, and Sense helped me figure that out!

An example is turning off an extra monitor that I use for my work-at-home office when I am not using it. I find an extra monitor to be very helpful with my productivity.

I can reference a document while creating an email response or a PowerPoint presentation. The larger screen allows me to see more of a large Excel spreadsheet. But what did NOT occur to me was that I didn’t need to leave it on all day long!!! Much of my work does not require an extra monitor, yet I turned it on in the morning, and left it on all day long, needlessly burning electricity.

Now, I turn it on when I need it…and turn it off when I don’t!

This probably saves me about 100W for 8 hours a day…