Saved thousands in meat, maybe my house.

Device: Freezer
Make: Montgomery Wards
Estimated Savings:

While on vacation I opened the sense app several times to see my solar production and noticed a 1500watt other bubble that on. The bubble kicked on the day after we left and was on all day which puzzled me. The next day, I sent my brother to my house and had him flip breakers off one at a time until the bubble disappeared. Which lead him to my pantry which had an old Montgomery wards standup deep freezer. The deep freezer’s compressor locked up and didn’t have any type thermal overload. It was also full of food. My brother said he couldn’t touch the compressor and even the cord was really hot. He moved the meat (1 cow, 1 pig and random stuff) into several family members freezers. The new freezer I purchased also takes about 15% of the energy to run than the old one. This was also before labs…. My brother also bought a sense meter a few days later.