Electrical spikes

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When I had my solar system put on my house in Florida about two years ago, it came with Sense. While the solar was being put on I also had the electrical enclosure and the circuit breakers replaced. Within days, I noticed electrical spikes while observing the electrical draw in the Sense app on my phone. I finally called an electrician to look into it.

Turns out, the installer for the electrical enclosure used wire nuts rather than NSI connectors. My high voltage oven and air conditioner lines were both arcing, the wire caps showed signs of overheating in one case melting. The electrician put on NSI connectors, the spikes disappeared, and a house fire was avoided.

In Florida, I have ceiling fans in every room and the Lanai. They are always on. Because of Sense, I have my Always On down to about 300W and I can see the house is well below average usage.