Sense alerted me to an incorrect solar configuration

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Having just moved to Hawaii, I was flabbergasted by my first utility bill. The first order of business was to install two Sense monitors (I have two 200A panels and one 100A panel for the swimming pool). The second order of business was to look into installing a PV system. Fast forward a few months and we got a system designed and installed. It consisted of 62 solar panels and 4 Tesla Powerwalls. In order to minimize the reconfiguration of the electrical panels we decided to only back up the 200A panels in case of an outage. This left the swimming pool pump and heater off the backup system, which is fine. Importantly though, those items would be fed from the solar and battery. They are the biggest sinks for energy so I wanted to make sure that we used solar/battery for it as we don’t have net metering here. Installers turned on the solar system and everything was working fine. However, using my Sense monitor on the pool panel I saw that when the heater was on I was drawing that power from the grid instead of from the solar/battery. If I didn’t have that insight I would have gotten a big surprise at the end of the month with all that power drawn from the grid. I called my installer and explained what Sense was showing me and he sensed [;-)] that I knew what I was talking about. He came back and reconfigured the CTs and now my pool panel uses our plentiful solar power.