After 15 min. saved about $80/month

Our electric consumption almost doubled since last summer. Why? I just purchase Sense and self installed it. When looking at the meter on the app I noticed a pretty large current draw about every 6 minutes. It looked like a motor signature to me. The water pump controller was perfectly synched with the power draw even though no water was being used! The pressure meter went from about 68 to 58 pounds over the 6 minutes then turned on. I shut off the main water valve and the water pressure held steady. With a bit more looking it occurred to me that it might be our old well and pump were still connected but the breaker was off. After shutting off the valve from that old pump the pressure held. So, I guess the check valve in the old pump or pump line leaks. By the way, the old well and pump still work but have it on standby. No more! The bottom line? Sense makes cent$.

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I located the large current draw on the Power Meter.

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