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I’ve got a Sense system that was recommended and installed by my electrician last February. It was never really meant to be a cost saving item, more of a hobby/interest item for entertainment. But I got hooked. My Always On was running at about 950W all the time and I couldn’t figure out what it was! I started chasing big users and have gotten it down now to 339W. Not only did this journey help me learn about my house (we just moved in last year), but alerted me to a mini-fridge that wasn’t sealing correctly, a wine fridge that was running way too frequently, an old A/C unit that wasn’t efficient, and then a whole slew of smaller electronics that I use sporadically, but were drawing a ton of power because I wasn’t unplugging them!
I’ve been using Sense Solar as a bit of a personal challenge and trying to make sure I lower my usage as much as possible below the production because in Massachusetts I actually get full credit for overproduction!

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I've used Sense to set up alerts on devices it detects and then I try to find the devices when they kick on, through this process I learned that there's a Heat Recovery System in my basement cycling on for 20 minutes every hour. A Dehumidifier that's almost always on, some inefficient fridges, etc. But even more, I've used the Power Meter to isolate quiet periods and try to determine what devices are on and causing cost without value. I learned more about my Radon system this way and put my workstation setup on a Smart Power Strip to turn it off at night when I'm not using it because it was constantly cycling for not reason!

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