Always On Culprits

We’ve had Sense for about a month and we love it. We have the Solar version and it is so great to see both sides of the story.

Our Always On was about 200W which kinda bugged me as we really only have a few items that are, indeed, always on.

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I used to run a home based business with a ton of computer equipment. It is largely closed and switched off, but we did some snooping and found our power conditioner, UPS and a wired router were still running, needlessly. Everything in our house uses wifi now. This was about 125W which is 3000W/day or about 1100 kWh/Year. Our Always On is now about 75W but we are still hunting! BTW 1100 kWh is about 40 days of median Solar Production! Our large flat screen TV/Sound Bar/Sound Woofer also ran about 75W when not in use, we put that on a voice controlled wifi plug. The Solar company wouldn't allow us to install a system larger than 107% of our usage, based on last year's bills. Sense has helped us track down about 20% of that usage as needless, bumping our Solar Panel System to net 127% of usage.

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