An earthquake burst my well and Sense caught it

On 7/4 we had a 6.4 earthquake in Ridgecrest. My pressure pump was running nonstop.
I saw this on my Sense App. I wandered around my home and discovered my deep well tank had burst spreading 4500 gal on the desert

I knew I needed a visit from my well maintainer. I called first thing on 7/5 and they said go get a replacement tank,ASAP. Bought my tank at 8 am the 5th. They delivered the tank on the 6th and it was installed on the 8th.
My installer said there were no more tanks in the area.

3 weeks later the hardware store said they were getting their first delivery of tanks.

Without support from my Sense monitor, I might have been without water for 3 weeks.

My total cost for the new tank was $4000, installed

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Monitor my pressure pump let me know when excess water is flowing.

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