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We suffer from $800 per month power bills in the summer and $500 in winter. We always just pay the bill and complain about it but this year I decided to find out once and for all what was causing these high bills. After much research on different products I chose Sense. So far I have only been running it for a month and while I have not yet found all of the culprit it has REALLY opened my eyes to the actual power we consume. I had no idea some of these devices used so much power such as my computer, which is set on “high power” and runs 24 hours per day used 800watts at all times. I now set it on balanced power and shut it off when we are not home.

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Whether I am at home or at work I always have my tablet on my desk with the Sense app running all day long. I use it to try to help identify what certain loads are, commonly calling home to ask my wife what she just turned on. I'm confident she is annoyed by this.

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