First detection saved flooding of basement

The first device detected was a sump pump the was turning on for a few seconds every 2 to 3 minutes, so I assumed the pump was detected or broken. There was moisture drops on the windows and it appeared to be unusally hot and humid downstairs. Upon viewing the pump I could see a steady flow of water in and didn’t know if this was normal, so I called a plumber. While waiting I went into the furnace room to see water flowing from the spout in the bottom of my hot water storage tank. That meant water was constantly flowing into the tank, triggering the furnace to attempt to heat the cold water constantly flowing through the tank. Finding this in time saved my water bill. My heat bill and solved our not enough hot water temperature problem. I only found it after they put in the sense devise and I saw the behavior and began investigating as I really didn’t know if that is how the devise worked! I may never have found it as the water flowed into the slanted cement floor, around the 2×4 wall which led to the hole cut in the floor for the tub drain pipe to go down to the sewer. That water flowed into the gravel which flowed the length of the tub underground and into my sump pump drainage reservoir which was working overtime to get rid of the water. Because Sense noticed it and brought it to my attention it may have months before water, heat and electric Bill’s would have caused me to look for a problem. This was the best investment I ever made to detect problems immediately instead of months of painful expense as the alternative. SO HAPPY I FOUND SENSE!

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