Fridges gone wild!

I have 3 refrigerators in my house. One is a kitchen sized fridge/freezer and the other two are smaller wine-cooler style fridges. It was surprising to compare the energy usage of these fridges. The kitchen fridge is an Energy Star rated unit and Sense showed that it is continually cycling on and off. The others are less efficient. Sense made me think about these fridges. Are they operating efficiently? Are they energy hogs? Do I even need them all? I put a temperature probe in each fridge and was shocked to discover that the temperatures were all over the map. The fridge part of one of the smaller units was at 32F (freezing!), and the kitchen one was way too warm (42F). Over a period of a few days I was able to set the temperatures correctly to a recommended 37F. While it’s not easy to estimate how much energy this will save, I now know that these fridges are at the correct temperature. Sense made me think about how efficient everything in my house is. I’d never questioned the temperature of my fridges before.

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The Sense app discovered my fridges and when I saw how much energy they were using it got me thinking about how I could optimize them to be as efficient as possible.

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