Hot water heater in Performance Mode

I was getting electric bills in excess of 300 a month, which I knew to be about twice my normal. I purchased Sense to try and help me find the problem. Right out of the box I could see something kicking in 3 times an hour for like 13kwh. With a little process of elimination because Sense had not identified the unit yet, I was able to identify the culprit as the hot water heater. The hot water heater was really new, installed about 2 years ago and supposed to be energy efficient. I went and checked the setting and found it in performance mode. Set it to Energy Saver mode, and it uses a 10th of the energy it was using before.

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I had been struggling for months to try and figure out the problem. But with literally over 100 different power appliances in the house, how could I find it. I suspected the hot water heater could be it, as well as several other devices, but no way to confirm it without shutting it down for a month and see if the bill went down. With Sense I turned the hot water heater off, and in an hour I knew by not seeing that 13KWH draw hit, I had found it.

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