Identified Water Leak

Like many people here, I had wasted power, so I bought Sense. I just built my home within the last year and I am on well water. My new house was built to be fairly energy efficient. My power consumption on my new house was more than my 20year old prior house, significantly more. The houses are roughly the same size. This got me pretty curious as to why. The first day I installed sense it had not recognized any devices yet, which was fine, I was able to see a spike of about 2000 watts every 30 minutes or so, for about 30seconds each time. I knew my well pump used roughly that much power.

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I used the Sense monitor to verify my wells power signature prior to the well pump being identified. Once I knew the well was cutting on when no water was being used in the house (while my wife and I were at work, and son was at school), I knew I had a leak or a pump problem. The first set I did was cut the water off at the well just past my pressure switch and see if the well cycled on during a 8hr period, and it didn't. My next step was to cut the water off under the house and see if the well cycled, which it did at roughly the same speed as before. I have identified that I have a damaged pipe underground. Now my problem is finding the underground leak, I have 450' of pipe buried, so it should be fun.

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