Inefficient A/Cs & Water Heaters

As a Solar Energy contractor our job is to optimize the energy consumption, not just place panels on your roof. Sense has been key in identifying inefficiencies on our customers’ homes, especially the A/Cs and Water Heaters…the biggest Energy Hogs! We’ve been able help our customers maximize their investment by making energy visible even before we install solar, this means they get to see the real impact before and after. Average energy savings are 30% for A/Cs and 10-15% on water heaters. With SENSE their no need to guess where your energy is being used and where your home improvement budget should be invested. Data is not an opinion, it is fact…makes SENSE?

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Sense easily senses the electric signature of Air conditioners and water heaters. Upon installation, Sense allows us to visualize how much impact each major appliance has on the overall energy making it visible our customers are clearly convinced when these appliances are due for an upgrade.

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