Low Power TV is not so low power.

The combination of my Sense and a TP Link HS110 made me aware of how much power my TV actually uses in idle. Spec is 0.5w, but in practice, it is actually more like 18w spiking up to 35w several times a day when checking for updates.

I have the TV set to “Eco” mode, but it seems even in that mode, it still stays in a “Fast start” mode so that Android TV doesn’t have to cold boot every time, so it stays in a warm state pulling more than the suggested .5w

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By seeing the trends in the Sense App, I was able to set a smart trigger on the HS110 to follow Home/Away status of my home based on the Nest thermostat. When the home goes "Away", the HS110 turns off cutting all power to the TV. Since this is a vacation home, there is a lot more away time than home. While only approximately $30/year savings, this has made me look at my other TV as well as a few other devices the house which I now have adjusted settings and or added similar home/away triggers for the outlets.

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