Saved $100/mo with a new well pump

Sense identified my well pump and with a generic name (heat source). 

The pipe that was drawing water in the well had a hole rusted through. The pump would only get up to 32 PSI and never shut off. I didn’t realize it because I still had water pressure to all my sinks. I had to replace 100 feet of pipe and at the same time I replaced the pump. It was 22 years old. Sense shows the energy usage before the pump was changed (running 24 hours a day) was about $5 a day. Or, $150 a month. Now after it was changed about $0.50 a day. Or, $15.00 a month. We knew our electric bill was much higher for six months or longer, but it was hard to pin point. Now, with Sense connected we will now save over $100 a month. 

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I brought the energy user up on the app and started turning off circuit breakers until I knew the exact device. Sense showed the power drop off as soon as I turned off the breaker.

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