Saved money and prevented a fire

Shortly after receiving my Sense I began experimenting with everything in my house. During my adventure I discovered an odd behavior coming from my dryer. It would turn on and off frequently without a pattern one would normally see. After observing it for a short period I realized the heating element located inside the dryer would spike up and then settle and turn off almost immediately, so I decided to take a look. I pulled out the dryer and checked the venting. There was a small amount of lint but nothing significant. I then decided to go outside and check the vent termination. This is where the culprit was located. The vent screen was completely clogged, this trapped more than 90% of the heat inside of the vent thus causing the heating element to overheat frequently. Once I cleaned the vent screen, I also decided to clean the entire vent and discovered a large quantity of lint.
When I was finished, I fired it back up and it ran smoothly. I would have never discovered this without the Sense appliance, The investment was well worth it.

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The heating element on the dryer was behaving erratically. The sense device helped me locate the culprit by investigating what could cause an element to overheat. I found a clogged vent in almost no time at all.

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