Sense detected fire hazard.

My whole house attic fan has a three way switch in the house. In the late fall I cover the fan with an insulation blanket to keep heat from escaping from the house into the attic.
As a safety device, I installed an on/off switch in the attic as well.
This year I failed to toggle it to the off position.
Sometime this winter the switch in the hall got toggled to high speed. The blanket was keeping the fan from spinning.

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One of the first things my brand new Sense found was a device labeled Heat 3. It would draw 900 watts for 90 seconds then stop for 20 minutes before repeating. It was doing this 24 hours a day. Besides drawing almost $9 of electricity each month it was degrading my attic fan motor and worse yet, a potential fire hazard. Had the thermal protection shorted to a closed position the fan could have caused a fire in the attic. Sense saved me money and may have saved my home and the safety of me and my wife.

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