Sense helped find leaking hot water heater

My outdoor kitchen has a 6 gallon under sink hot water heater. It normally consumes 1.3kW at 1:30 duty cycle, so 1.04kWh/day. Yesterday morning it started to cycle on much more frequently…maybe a 4:10 duty cycle, thus 12.48kWh/day. I investigated and found the water heater leaking maybe half a gallon of hot water a minute into the drain under the outdoor sink. At an average of $0.25/kWh, this increase in electricity usage is $86/month. The water leak itself is 21600 gallons/month. Thank you Sense for helping me find this problem quickly; I may not have noticed otherwise until mid-Spring.

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I look at the Power Meter power profile that the Sense iOS app provides on daily basis, so I know what a typical power profile looks like for my house. The outdoor under sink electric hot water heater's power profile is easy to recognize, as it is a very regular pattern of turning on for 1 minute at 1.3kW and then turning off for the next half an hour. Yesterday, this pattern abruptly changed, and the pattern cycled on much more often. This prompted me to investigate, where I quickly discovered the hot water leak underneath my outdoor kitchen's sink.

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