Sense helped me with humidity setting

I’ve been wondering about what humidity level to set my new GE dehumidifier to. I started at 40%. Too dry and wood starts to crack and the dehumidifier runs too often. Too damp and the tools rust.

Also, in the back of my mind was the women at Home Depot who said she got a notice from her power company that her power use went way up after she installed the same model (I think it was broken, or her basement is very damp, and/or she had it set too low).

Then there was the Home Depot sales guy who assured a couple of us that if we set 60%, the dehumidifier would run cooler over all, and last longer.

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Just after one or two days, I realized the dehumidifier was running often, with a projected cost of $123/year. I immediately changed the humidity setting from 40% to 60%. Of course it will take days to really understand the gain, however I expect at least about $50 in savings / year.

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