Sense helped with faulty Solar Water Heater System

I discovered that my solar water heater system was not working properly. I noticed that during the middle of a summer day, the heat exchanger was not circulating water. A bit of YouTube searching pointer to a possible temperature sensor problem and sure enough, the wiring at the roof was broken. After fixing it, the system started working.

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I did not use Sense to diagnose it. However, I used Sense to verify that it was saving me energy: I was lucky enough that Sense has recognized my Water Heater since early on and so I went and downloaded the Water Heater data for the time before I fixed things and for the 2 weeks after. Without the solar heater, the Water Heater was using an average of 14 kwH per day. After the fix, it came down to 7 kwH. Furthermore, we now do laundry in the afternoons when the solar water heater is most active and the Water Heater does not turn on at all. Of course, this is summer so I'm looking forward to see how this tracks during the winter months. I always wondered how much the solar water heater helped and had no way to quantify it. Sense gave me the data to prove that it really works.

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