Sense identified bad furnace relay = $750 savings

We started seeing an increase in our power bills over the Summer months of 2017. It had increased by $150, then up $300 more, by the end of the Summer we had a $900 power bill! I was fervently trying to figure out the problem. I had an electrician come in, he couldn’t figure out the problem. I was beyond frustrated. We use gas heat, so thankfully we got a break in the Winter months. Fast forward to the Spring of 2018 and my electrician mentioned finding a device to read my household electric usage per each appliance and device. After researching online, I found Sense. It claimed to measure the kilowatt hours of each device and record them so that I could view them on the app. After a $900 power bill, what did I have to lose?! My electrician installed Sense, and immediately it went to work. Almost immediately, it was recording devices. We were able to pinpoint them one at a time – it is so detailed it even records my ice maker in the freezer!

About two weeks in, we were really watching the usage of the furnace and hot water heater. In the end, it was the furnace that was causing the problems. The heat strip was kicking on for two minutes and off for two minutes CONSTANTLY 24/7. Who would have thought it was using that much electricity, but it was! With the help of Sense telling me specifically the problem was coming from the furnace, I was able to reroute the thermostat wire to a different relay which in turn fixed the problem.
Without Sense, I would have NEVER found the problem and would still be having ridiculous high power bills. I am so grateful for this system. It’s very easy to use, the app is easy to navigate and very convenient to name all of your devices. I can check the app during the day to see how electricity my home is using during the day. This is a grade A technological device and I very highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to Summer knowing I won’t go bankrupt with my power bills!

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