Sense saved my water well pump

My well pump (2000 watts) had been running for a day straight when we weren’t even home. I immediately shut the well off remotely (I use a Third Reality switch to turn off the well pump switch) and started investigating once I got home.

Upon investigation, I realized that the well pump never turned off because it wasn’t making enough pressure to trigger itself off. I opened the well head cap to see that water was spraying out of the pitless adapter (part of the pipe that takes water from the well and sends it underground to my house) and back down into the well.

If Sense didn’t alert me to this odd usage, the well pump would’ve stayed on the whole time I was out of state, and likely would’ve burned the well pump out. My house wasn’t losing water, just wasn’t making enough pressure to turn the well off, so I doubt we would’ve realized it. Once we fixed the pipe, we were back to full pressure and a huge electric cost savings.

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Looking at the Sense logs, my well pump had been staying on much longer than it should’ve. It was costing me $2/day on average. Now that the pipe has been fixed, we have full pressure, and it is down to 30 cents/day!

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