Short cycling A/C compressor

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I got a new A/C and Sense picked it up 2 weeks into operation.
While the new equipment kept the house nicely cool I did not understand why the power meter showed an average cycle of only 4min40sec. Even during a heat wave it still ran for this short cycle and then stopped for 4-5 min.
Not good I was told. Constant stop and go wears down the equipment and condensation water would not drain keeping humidity at higher level than necessary.
I called the installer, a technician came, I showed the data, he came back with a Lennox rep and 2 weeks later the installer swapped the equipment for a smaller size at no cost and cut a check for the size difference! Sense more than broke even instantly only three month after install.

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I only noticed this operative pattern looking at the device's power meter. Dealing with the installer backing the claim of an oversized equipment with data from Sense was a walk in the park!

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