Time to clean the refrigerator coils

Bought our current home in December of 2017. First this home was our vacation and retirement place as we lived in another location due to my job.
I noticed after 12 months, the refrigerator that came with the home, was on longer than others I’ve had in the past and was not very cold either.
Mostly it seem to us, replacement was needed. The sense device tracking was essential in helping me understand the cause. Of course you can always get an appliance tech to check out but really thought it was more of a situation that it was not opened very often but then we started to use frequently because we actually moved full time into home, 15 months from purchase.
Reading about the problem this could be, an appliance blog suggestions pointed to dirty coils and accurately diagnosed the problem. The person explaining the cause pointed out you would see the refrigerator running longer and not as cold. Exactly what sense was seeing. Story short, cleaned the coils and instantly, refrigerator is now colder and runs a lot less. Sense saved us an appliance tech call out and now going forward, when I see same current timeline from this appliance, I’ll clean the coils.
Of course one could say, clean coils every year and you would not have to go through this but I prefer to use technology to tell me when and not depend on me to remember.
Thinking same type of monitoring could be used to change out AC filters so you could get the full life out of each instead of an interval time.

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Think I explained in detail above but basically, the on timeline for this refrigerator showed excessive on and from that, pattern followed a describe situation from what i read online a dirty coil on an appliance would be seen at.

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