True cost of that space heater.

Dad is 88 and over the winter I got him a small space heater that he can run during the day when I’m at work if he gets cold. I was under the impression he used that heater for no more than an hour or so each day. What I’ve learned is that heater is on almost constantly when I’m away from the house. That might be only a little over a dollar each day in electricity but it adds another $35-$40 to the monthly electric bill. He has an electric blanket in his bedroom that he uses at night which requires far less electricity. I’ve decided to get him another small electric blanket that he can put around him when he needs additional heat in the Family Room.

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Using the Sense app I was able to see just how much Dad’s small 1500 Watt space heater was being used daily. Sense hadn’t yet identified the space heater so I used a TP-Link HS110 smart switch to monitor the heater. I can also remotely switch the heater OFF (through the Sense app) if I see that his electric blanket is running because he’s gone to bed and left the heater running (Sense had early-on identified the electric blanket). I need a few more HS110’s for some additional testing, but that has to wait until I get more bills under control. I’ve had Sense for 7 weeks now and the cool-factor is very high with this product. I’m very impressed!

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