Small Load setting = BIG Savings

After Sense found our Dryer I was amazed that the unit uses 5kW when drying a normal load. I played with the different drying setting and found the the “small load” setting only uses 3kW and dries the laundry just as well. I have worked in educating my wife to use this small load setting, and she remembers most days. When she doesn’t I have also set my alerts to let me know when the dryer is turned on. If she “forgets” to use the small load setting, I head up to my laundry room and restart the load on the small load setting.

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Use alerts to notify when the dryer is started to make sure it is running on the small load setting.

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  1. I replaced my old “giant toaster” dryer with a Samsung vent-free heat pump dryer. Before, the old dryer would rack upwards of 6400+ watts (including whatever other normal devices were on at the time) according to Sense. With this new dryer in the same scenario, the total household wattage does not go over 950 or so. So we’re talking approximately 1/6 the power consumption versus the old dryer. Sense has yet to identify the new dryer specifically; it’s a new category for Sense to figure out, (according to the answer I got from Sense on Twitter). Today Sense saw something the community thinks is a “Heating Pad.” Based on the time line, I think that’s the heat pump dryer. I’ll keep watching in the future to see if that’s correct.

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